So what is inside the KS KURVE basic kit, let’s talk a look. Shall we?

Kardinal Stick was released mid year 2021 in the Philippines and caused a stir of excitement through the PH vape community as soon as it was announced that the KS KURVE device is within the reach of Filipino vapers. 

Since then, they have been receiving a lot of positive feedback, comments, and support from their customers who were so eager to purchase the KS Kurve device and pods. They have been waiting for the release of the Kardinal Stick in the Philippines since it has been popular in Malaysia and Thailand, and now landed in our country.

We are looking forward to the Kardinal Stick branching out to other countries such as Asia, US, and EU markets soon so they will also experience that premier feeling that a vape user always anticipates.

Kardinal Stick not only offers a luxurious experience but also Kardinal Stick wants people to enjoy every bit of their products with an affordable price. They also have great customer service that prioritizes and cares about the welfare of their consumers and new users of their products. They are very accommodating to any inquiries about KS Kurve devices and pods and they also offer a lifetime warranty for their devices without any hidden charges. 

We have to admit that they deserve an applause using high technology which serves their consumers an advanced material that adapts well in any environment. Kardinal Stick is always open for suggestions or even recommendations from their existing KS vape users because in that way they can improve more in regards to their premier products.

Are you ready to switch to KS KURVE? Then here’s what you have to know what’s the real deal:

Kardinal Stick is game changer for all the smokers

Now, let us tell you what a KS KURVE BASIC KIT contains inside when you purchase it, hence, KS KURVE has 4 available colors which are Red, Jet Black, Pacific Blue, and Champagne Gold. Simple yet bold colors that give you a vibe that you can tell it’s classy. We have encountered other KS vape consumers, they shared to us that having only four colors really caught their attention as it is very straightforward and easier for them to choose, apart from the other brands such as Snowplus, Relx, Yooz, Shift, Veex, etc.

As we unbox the KS KURVE Basic Kit, we found these insides

1 Kurve device

1 type-c cord (charging)

1 User Manual

What’s inside the basic kit is really simple and KS Kurve is really easy to use, but if it’s so premium why is the basic kit has such a few things inside. This is where things get interesting because KS KURVE has always something to look out for. The Kardinal Stick kept it simple but it screams state of the art as the device itself used the same aluminum alloy stamping as what iPhone and aircraft use. Which makes the device dust-proof and scratch-proof so you don’t have to worry especially if you’re a neat freak but of course you always have to be cautious handling it. And to our surprise, it also contains KS Stickers that you can put on your laptops, car, phone, etc. What a treat!

What’s amazing about Kardinal Stick when you purchase their products is a lifetime warranty,

Like we told you, Kardinal Stick cares about their consumers in any aspect. Everything is thoroughly researched because it’s for everyone’s welfare and benefit. Kardinal Stick is not aiming only to sell but to engage and encourage people who want to quit the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes, because with KS KURVE it’s much healthier and safer, with heat not burn technology, and not to mention foul odor free. The flavors that they curated are also food grade and made with the best quality, even if it has nicotine when you puff it you won’t really feel the roughness of the draw.  

If you still have doubts try KS KURVE, don’t worry we got you covered, we assure everyone to give you the very best that is in the market today which is why we recommend the Kardinal Stick. We want to assure people that Kardinal Stick gives out their all to create amazing products that are safe for users and non-users that can prevent secondhand smoking.

Kardinal Stick products are available in Lazada and Shopee. We also have an official Facebook page, purchase KS products and you’ll never regret it

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